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Clement ScrapStar

You don’t see savvy scrap haulers buying the same trailer again and again unless it’s making them money, lots of money. Clement ScrapStar, Mark II is designed and configured for maximum profitability with high-strength, abrasion resistant steel (AR450) that gives you the ability to haul the full spectrum of scrap.


Premium components, which are options on competitor’s trailers are standard of every Scrapstar. That’s because money is made on the road, not in a repair shop.


Add Clement’s superior design and construction and you have a solil moneymaker.

Preminum Components are standard on the ScrapStar because money is made on the road, not in the repair shop.

8 inch radius floor

Urethane Paint
A Class-8, truck-quality urethane paint is applied to ensure maximum protection and long life.

102” Axles by Meritor

Proven in hundreds of thousands of trailers, the 25,000# axles used in Clement Scrap trailers feature common inner and outer bearings. In combination with Meritor’s parallel spindle, both axle and bearing life is substantially increased.

Extra Value, a Firm Foundation

Building a trailer is a lot like building a house. Put as much strength possible in the foundation and the structure will be strong and it will last! With every trailer we start with 25,000-lb., 102-inch wide axles. Then the axles with parallel spindles permit common inner and outer bearings greatly increasing both bearing and axle life. A heavy duty 50,000-lb. Center point suspension is another Clement standard, or if the buyer prefers, 50,000-lb. Air ride can be specified. Hub-piloted wheels have no inner nuts and all nuts have right-hand threads, plus there are only 10 nuts instead of the usual 20. This reduces both maintenance time and cost. . None of our competition has a stronger foundation than the one that’s standard on every Clement trailer, and few even come close.

clement trailers
clement trailers

Clement’s Inverted Cylinder

With an inverted cylinder there’s no doghouse. An inverted cylinder has no ledges to collect dirt, water and ice, so the cylinder packing remains clean with no dirt pulled into the system. In an inverted cylinder, oil lays on the seals when the trailer is not in use, keeping the seals lubricated to prevent dry-out and cracking.

Danny Golden - Sales


Brian Rodgers - Municipal Sales

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