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Dump Bodies

HilBilt Sales is a distributor of a full range of HilBilt Dump Bodies manufactured by HilArk Industries. For any job from material hauling to heavy excavating, we've got a dump body for the job. We have plenty of bodies in stock and ready to be installed. Click the photos to learn more about each type of bed.

HilBilt Mongoose Dump Body



dump body

Mongoose Dump Bodies are designed for the toughest hauling jobs. Available in Medium, Heavy & Ultra Heavy-Duty.

HilBilt Material Dump Body



dump body

Material Dump Bodies are our standard-use bodies designed for general use. Available in Light, Medium & Heavy Duty.
HilBilt XPC Dump Body



dump body

XPC Dump Bodies are our lightest-weight production bodies. Ideal for sand, gravel, asphalt and other construction-related hauling jobs.

Danny Golden - Sales


Brian Rodgers - Municipal Sales

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